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Mailbag: Cowboys in Position to Trade Back? 


I feel like the Cowboys put themselves in perfect position to trade back in the draft to get additional picks this year or next. After the way they attacked free agency, I believe this was the plan all along. Would it surprise you if they did? – Cole Goulet/Hollywood, FL

Patrik: I pointed this out as something that might intrigue the Cowboys on Day 1, even if it might thoroughly upset a fanbase who will be waiting all night to see a selection on Thursday. Fact is, if Dallas feels they could still get an immediate contributor (and at a position of need, no less) by trading down a bit from No. 26 into the top of Round 2, I wouldn't bat an eye. There aren't even a handful of scenarios that I see as upsetting if they pass on them to do it — e.g., Bijan Robinson falling, passing on Steve Avila or O'Cyrus Torrence if one/either is there — but I believe you'd be pleased if they moved back and still landed a player like Darnell Washington along with an extra pick, and knowing they also still have another pick in Round 2 as well (No. 58). Let's be honest, pick No. 26 is basically the second round anyway, so if they move back slightly so they can make Day 2 utterly explosive, sign me up … as long as it's not at the expense of one of the three players I mentioned.

Kurt: I don't know if their plan all along has been to trade back, but there's no doubt that, as in the past, the plan was to try to go into the draft not in desperate need at any one position. And through free agency and trades, they definitely accomplished that. Now they can go a number of different directions at pick 26. For that same reason, though, it wouldn't surprise me at all if they decided to trade back to get additional picks. I just hope they don't trade too far back. After all, they do still need young help who can contribute right away. And obviously, the further down the draft you get, the harder those players are to find. I'm still haunted by the 2009 "special teams" draft when after already trading away their first-round pick for Roy Williams, they then traded their second-round pick as well, not selecting until the third. Not surprisingly, that year's draft basically was a bust. Remember also that this year's draft is not just for the 2023 season. They have to continually build for the future, which means not letting some of this year's top talent get away. So, yes, while trading down is always a possibility, let's just keep it to only a few spots lower, please.

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