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Mailbag: Creating Explosive Plays And Takeaways


All things aside, how can Dallas create more explosive plays like what we saw early in Week 2? I know there has been talk about getting Dak more mobile, but the deep ball seems to be more effective in opening up the run and in creating big plays.


Rob: The nullified 32-yard touchdown to Ezekiel Elliott would've counted as an explosive play. To me it's not just about the deep ball, because teams like Seattle will try to take that away when they play their safeties deep. The offense needs to get some run-after-catch plays going. They have players like Cole Beasley and Tavon Austin who can get those.

Bryan: I wasn't quite sure why they went away from the attack of the Giants game, but obviously they felt like they could keep Prescott in the pocket and have him make throws. I personally feel they need to get Austin more involved with those downfield throws, and I am not just talking about go routes. He has shown he can make big plays when given the opportunity. That would be my first option this week for those big plays.

Where are the turnovers? Kris Richard has these CB's playing aggressively and much better than years past. So, why aren't we seeing more INT's?


Rob: It's a good question, because in theory that aggressive style should lead to more takeaways. They've had some chances at recovered fumbles, and Jeff Heath just missed a pick in the opener. If they can find a way to build a lead in these games, the odds go up because the front seven can pin their ears back and rush.

Bryan: I think the turnovers will come. These corners have been playing well, and that includes Anthony Brown as the nickel. We haven't seen these quarterbacks making the mistakes with their throws, but if they continue to get pressures and sacks you'll see them.

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