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Mailbag: New Looks For The Young Tight Ends?




Why would we not run a lot of 12 personnel offensive sets with Rico Gathers on the field split wide? This would pull at least a safety out of the box and maybe a linebacker. Doing so should make running the ball easier with a seven-man box. 

Bryan: I'm sorry, but I think you're giving Rico Gathers a little too much credit. There is a question if he actually makes the team. I understand your question, but they run the ball better spreading defenses out with wide receiver threats than tight ends. 

David:That sounds appealing on paper, but the guy's got to make the team first. To get to the basic point of your question, though, I think I agree. Without Jason Witten here to fill the role of the traditional, in-line tight end, there's so many favorable looks the Cowboys might experiment with. Between their tight ends and their receivers, there are a lot of ways they can create mismatches for Ezekiel Elliott. I hope they do.


From the short clips I have seen of Zeke this year, it looks like he is arriving to camp in pretty top form -- something I wasn't so sure about last year. Does he look as explosive as his rookie campaign?

Bryan: He's not fat if that's what you're asking? We haven't seen explosiveness but that's because he hasn't really cut it loose when running the ball during practice. He never really has. When they play games is when we'll notice that. 

David:I'm not big on projecting success based on unpadded practices. But I'll say this: Zeke looks powerful. I'm sure the grind of training camp will condition him for the season, but he just looks like a guy who's been adding a lot of muscle. He looks swole, if you will. I've got high expectations for him in Year 3.

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