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Mailbag: Current DE Rotation? Expectations For Hardy & McClain?

With Mincey hopefully returning to the lineup, who do you have as rotating at the end spots?

Bryan: They have gone with a three man rotation the last two games. I have a feeling that we could see more of Kyle Wilber. The starters will be DeMarcus Lawrence and Jeremy Mincey with Jack Crawford as the swing guy but again keep an eye on Wilber too.

David: Obviously the current rotation will change in short order, with Greg Hardy and Randy Gregory projected to return to the lineup soon. But for the time being, I'm pretty curious to see if the Cowboys have found anything interesting in David Irving. He's got really intriguing upside, and he's working with the perfect teacher in Rod Marinelli.


What have Greg Hardy and Rolando McClain been doing during their suspensions?  What should we expect for the first couple games when they come back?

Bryan: I will be interested to see how football ready that both will be? Let's remember that McClain hasn't had any action since last season – so that has to be a concern. If I had to say who might be ready quicker – it would be Hardy because of what he was able to do during training camp.

David: Well, because it's a substance abuse suspension, Rolando McClain has been allowed at the facility for workouts and team meetings and the like. Jason Garrett said last week that he's been working admirably during his suspension. Hardy isn't allowed to interact with the team while he's gone, but Stephen Jones said Wednesday that he's checked in with team trainers – which is allowed – and they have high expectations for his return. I'm not going to be surprised if it takes a little while for them to knock the rust off, but they should be football-ready when they return next week.

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