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Mailbag: D-Law's Price Tag? Gregory's Contract?


Do you think the recent signings of Aaron Donald (Rams; 6 years, $135 million) and Khalil Mack (Bears; 6 years, $141 million) will have much of an effect on what DeMarcus Lawrence's agent will be asking for his client? Keep in mind Dak and Zeke will have to be re-signed soon. - JOE TREJO / SANTA ANA, CA

Bryan: I would say that Mack's contract will, due to the position that he plays. Everyone knows what's at stake here, so depending how he plays is the direction that the front office will go.

Rob: To some degree, absolutely it'll have an effect. Donald and Mack just reset the market on what an elite defensive lineman should be paid. But we've said this before: It all goes back to the type of season Lawrence has. If he gets 15 sacks and makes the Pro Bowl again, he'll ask for a monster deal. The Cowboys knew franchising him this year could lead to that type of situation.

Since Randy Gregory spent all last season suspended by the league, how does that missed year apply to his contract? Do the Cowboys get an added year to his original rookie contract or is it just a lost year and money saved? Also, could that suspended year give Dallas any leverage in the negotiation of the next contract offer if they choose to offer him one? - BRYAN SCOTT / RED LION, PA

Bryan: The club will receive an extra year of rights so there is nothing pressing for them to do now.

Rob: Sorry, it's just too early to think about Gregory's next contract. He's under contract for the next two seasons because yes, that suspended year didn't count. He's got to show the Cowboys they can count on him week by week at this point, and he fully understands that.

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