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Mailbag: D-Line Rebuild?; Is Randy Gregory Now In Cowboys' Draft Range?

With the 27th pick, could we draft a one-tech defensive tackle and consider the defensive line rebuilt ,in the like of the O-line? Granted this depends on health and production. Also on a crazy note could Hardy be in the Cowboys' long-term plans past this year?

Bryan: I would never consider it rebuilt, even adding one player. Building a defensive line is different than an offensive line because this staff likes to play eight guys, where the offensive line only plays five. DeMarcus Lawrence, Nick Hayden, Tyrone Crawford and Greg Hardy is a good start. Mincey has proven that he can start so that helps, but that leaves three other question marks. Adding a more athletic nose tackle in the draft will likely make Hayden a backup – so my point is that there is still plenty to do. If Hardy has a great season, there is a good chance that you will lose him.

David: I have  hard time considering that a rebuild, because the long-term future is so murky. Jeremy Mincey, Greg Hardy, Nick Hayden and Tyrone Crawford are all only under contract through this season. The Cowboys will need to determine who they want to keep and who they can afford to keep going forward, and future drafts will undoubtedly play a role in that, as well. I don't think it's crazy to think Hardy could be here longer than one season, but I also don't think it's likely. If he doesn't have a good season, why would you want him? And if he does have a good season, he's going to be awfully expensive to keep.

In light of Randy Gregory's recent positive drug test , do the Cowboy's take a chance on him at 27 if he falls that far ?

Bryan: If it is between him and one of those good corners, I am probably going to draft that corner. To be real honest here, I thought people had Gregory way too high to begin with, so selecting him at 27 regardless of a failed drug test would be a good spot for him.

David: That'd certainly be interesting, as he's the type of top-notch pass rusher the Cowboys need. Gregory is universally regarded as a top-10 pick, though, and I can't imagine a failed drug test dropping him all the way to the end of the round.


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