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Mailbag: Dak Running; Lawrence's Pressure


Why doesn't Dak run more often and give the defense another element to worry about? I'm not saying he should look to run first, but when the offense is struggling Dak can create plays with his feet vs. always going for the short pass. - SERGIO SANTIESTEBAN / TORRANCE, CA

Bryan: I love the 'Why doesn't Prescott run more?' questions. Have you noticed how much trouble they've had keeping some form of a pocket in front of him? By pocket I mean the ability for him to even step up if he wants to scramble. Opponents have done a great job of taking those lanes away from him. New Orleans had some breakdowns he took advantage of but that's really it.

Rob: I agree that Prescott's mobility is a weapon for this offense. The Colts game marked only the third time in Prescott's career where he didn't have a rushing attempt. It surprised him after the game and said it's something he has to look to do, even if it's improvisational. However, there are times where the pocket has broken down around him so quickly that he can't scramble out of it.


DeMarcus Lawrence has only a half-sack total in his last four games (only 2 in his last 6). I know he has still played the run well and has been disruptive, but those sack numbers are concerning. Any specific reason behind this cold stretch when he and the defensive line are needed most? - VINNY VINCI / SOUTH AMBOY, NJ

Bryan: Had a stretch where he's played some pretty good offensive tackles, but I understand where you're coming from. I am not concerned because there are still snaps where he's creating pressure and at times that's just as effective as a sack. This cat is as rare as they come.

Rob: Defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli said Thursday that Lawrence might lead the league in quality rushes, and I agree. Numbers aside, Lawrence is still bringing pressure even when offenses are chipping with an extra blocker. Quarterbacks know it and try to get rid of the ball quickly. A lot of times you'll see his rush open things up for others on the line.

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