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Mailbag: Dak's Improvement; Test For The DB's?


After watching camp and about 40 snaps from him in preseason, what's the biggest change you see in Dak's game that makes you think he can take another step this year? - MIKE S / PLANO, TX

Bryan: I think he's improved his ability to see the field. His first couple of seasons, I didn't feel that was his best trait. He's shown me a better understanding of where he needs to go with the ball and not just throwing to spots on the field.

Rob: One area he has really focused on his moving within the pocket - not necessarily designed movements but more so subtle footwork adjustments to buy time and keep his balance. I think we saw good things there in that second preseason game.

How much should we respect these Carolina receivers, and will this game be a good benchmark for how our corners are actually looking compared to outside competition? - LANDON CABELL

Bryan: The speed of the Panthers receivers shouldn't bother you, but how well they play the ball in the air should. These are some of the bigger receivers that the secondary will face this season. They have to be ready for Cam Newton to just throw the ball up and letting these guys go get it. It will be a solid test.

Rob: I do think Torrey's Smith speed is something the Cowboys will have to account for, but Bryan is right — Carolina has big wideouts who can win on jump balls. You also have to count McCaffrey as a receiver in my opinion. He can cause a lot of problems in space.

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