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Mailbag: Dak's Offseason; Bigger Red Zone Add?


I just wondered if you guys have seen any noticeable improvements in Dak's throwing accuracy this year at OTAs compared to the past? - JOSEPH CRUM / CORINTH, MS

Bryan: I have noticed a transformation of his body and overall mechanics. There were times when he missed, he missed badly. That hasn't been the case in these OTAs. Ball has been on target and catchable. Credit to the hard work he's put in on his own and with new quarterbacks coach Jon Kitna. Needs for this to carry over to camp. 

Rob: It was only three open practices, but yes, that's the best stretch of OTAs I've seen from Prescott in four years. He's been accurate at all levels: short, intermediate and deep, like the dime he threw to Reggie Davis last week on a go-route for a touchdown.

It is well chronicled that the 2018 Cowboys had red zone struggles to say the least. Which of the returning players, Travis Frederick or Jason Witten, will make the bigger difference in the offense scoring touchdowns and not settling for a field goal? - AJ NARASIMHAN / SAN MARCOS, CA

Bryan: There is no question that having both Frederick and Witten back should help the red zone offense right off the jump. Frederick cuts the defense in half with his second-level blocks and Witten's big body and understanding of how to position himself to make those key receptions. 

Rob: I'll say Frederick because I think his presence will help the line create better running holes for Ezekiel Elliott down there. As terrific as Elliott was last season, too many times he had nowhere to run. It's critical that he finds space down there, particularly in goal-to-go situations, without having to rely on lower-percentage throws in those tight quarters.

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