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Mailbag: Dak Too High On QB List? Which Cowboys Legend Helps Most?


*If you could add any Cowboys player from the past to this current roster, who would make the biggest difference. Not the best Cowboys player, but the one that makes the biggest difference for this team. My thought is Deion. Agree? *

Bryan: I would put Harvey Martin at right defense end and let him go to town. He rushed the passer with violence and that would help this defense. I almost considered Randy White as well with the same idea but from the tackle spot. 

Nick: Interesting question. I think you've got to look somewhere on the defense considering how well the offense has performed. Sure you could find some upgrades, but it's got to be defense. That being said, Deion wouldn't be a bad call at all. He shuts down half of the field. And a pass-rusher would be great, too. But give me Darren Woodson. For this team – it needs a veteran, surefire safety who can not only run the show, but lead the defense. If they had a guy like Woodson back there, I think all of the positions would be even better.


In your latest Top 10 article, ranking the best QBs on the 2017 schedule, do you think it's premature to rank Dak fifth. Seems pretty high considering it's only his second year.

Bryan: Him or Carson Palmer? Either of the Denver guys? I'd take him Smith in Kansas City or Cousins in Washington. I actually thought the list was pretty solid and was totally comfortable with where he fell. 

Nick: I think I ranked Dak fourth on my vote but he finished fifth. That sounds high but he was also ranked 14th overall by the players on the NFL Network's Top 100 players.  Some people might have a problem voting Dak over Eli and his two Super Bowls. But it's not an all-time list. This is about who do you want on your team right now leading your team. I think Dak landed about where he should. 

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