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Mailbag: Did Cousins-Smith Swap Help Redskins? Any TE Worthy of 19th Pick?

Larry Ambroson

Newton, IA

*The Cowboys haven't had much luck with second-round tight ends with Witten here. But is it time for a first round pick? Is either Dallas Goedert or Mike Gesicki, or any other tight end worthy of the 19th pick? *

Nick: I can't say I've watched them more than a handful of plays at the Senior Bowl. Both are big and seem to have good hands. From what I can gather, the tight ends that usually go in the Top 20 are really just oversized receivers. I don't know if those two guys are in that category – probably more second-round options. All that being said, I think the Cowboys should consider a tight end in the early rounds, but I'm not sure one fits the 19th spot this year. 

Bryan: I have Goedert in 2 and Gesicki in 3. I would rather take a potential starting guard or receiver maybe even a defensive tackle. There are plenty of qualities tight ends that have similar skills as the guys you've mentioned later in the draft so that's the route I am going. 

Reggie Benson

Elkton, MD

What do you guys think of Alex Smith joining the Redskins? I'm not sure where Cousins is going to end up, maybe another division team. But do you think it's better to face Smith twice a year, or Cousins?

Nick: I think Cousins is a better pure passer and has been able to keep the Redskins offense on the move, despite being rather one-dimensional. Alex Smith seems to be better when you can give him some balance and right now, the Redskins don't really have that. So I guess I'd rather face Cousins, even though his record against the Cowboys is just 1-6. Either way, it doesn't change my opinion much about the Redskins. I would still rank them third in the NFC East among teams the Cowboys should worry about. 

Bryan: I have always hated facing Cousins. I don't think you can pin his 1-6 record against Dallas solely on him. With that being said, I am glad he's off the Redskins. Smith is a similar quarterback but with better running skills. Steady without being spectacular. I'll take my chances playing against him. 

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