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Mailbag: Did Dwayne Harris Win The Third Receiver Job on Sat.?


Did Dwayne Harris win the third receiver job on Saturday?

Nick: I think he won A job, not the third job. I still think this team covets Ogletree more than Harris. Remember, Harris had a game like that last year in his first preseason game and then faded. I'm not saying Harris hasn't earned a spot. I've always liked him and I think he has a chance to be a good player, but I wouldn't say he's been better than Ogletree.

Josh: He won a spot on the roster and probably even the active roster for game day, but I don't know that the team is going to just make him the No. 3 all the time. The reports on him are that he's still just figuring out the offense. He has the physical tools to do the job, but is probably a ways off from being trusted with it just yet. As in the past, that No. 3 job will probably be handled in some part by committee.


There was a lot of talk during camp about Tyrone Crawford, but he hasn't seemed to carry his success over to the games. What's happened?

Nick: I think we found out other teams have better backup linemen than the Cowboys. Yes, we though he was dominating out there and he was. But it probably just speaks more to the level of competition. But let's not get down on him too much. The good thing about Crawford is that he's a high-motor player. That likely won't change. Once he figures out what he's doing, he'll probably be fine. Sometimes they say about rookies who are aggressive, but not sure what to do – they get to the wrong spot a lot quicker than other people. He'll be fine.

Josh: Well, I suppose it would be a worse sign if he wasn't succeeding in practice or the games. Remember, he missed all offseason, and has a relatively limited football background anyway. He's still trying to get a lot of the technical aspects of his position down. Clearly it's not time to give up on him.

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