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Mailbag: Did Free Agency Accomplish Enough?


Have the Cowboys done enough to draft the best possible player at 17th overall? At 17th overall, do you think there will a player who is a true upgrade to what we currently have at any position? – JD

David: I'm not confident they've done "enough" at a lot of spots. The cornerback depth still looks shaky, and I'm not convinced you can count on any of their options at right defensive end. On top of that, this team doesn't currently have a proven slot receiver. But I do think their will be difference makers available with the 17th pick. At that spot, they could find themselves a defensive back or a pass rusher who is ready to contribute right away, or potentially an elite receiver prospect. I feel good about their options.

Rob: They've definitely taken steps toward that "best player available" approach, particularly with the additions they've made on the defensive line. But there are still depth questions at edge rusher with Aldon Smith and Randy Gregory still suspended – and considering how much football they've missed. We're still not sure who's replacing Randall Cobb as the slot receiver. Cornerback and safety still could be early targets, too, based on potential value.

In many of the mock drafts, I see as many as five receivers being first-rounders and another bunch listed as second-rounders. Help me get some perspective on just how talented this pool is. Where would Michael Gallup fall in this group if he were in this year's draft? – DAVID NYSTROM / LOUDON, TN

David: That's a great question. Back in 2018, Michael Gallup was taken No. 81 overall, and he was the ninth receiver drafted. By my count, there are at least 10 receivers that will go off the board by the time the Cowboys pick at No. 82 this year, and it could be as many as 12 or 13. Gallup was highly regarded coming out of school. I'm not sure his range would change that much — still likely a mid-to-late third-round pick. But he might have heard more receivers' names called before his if he was coming out this year.

Rob: That's a hard question to answer because Gallup has established himself in the league and these prospects haven't. Gallup became a 1,000-yard receiver at the age of 23. If the league was doing a re-draft, he'd shatter his original third-round status. But this receiver class is legit. There at least three or four prospects with Pro Bowl potential.

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