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Mailbag: Did Play-Calling Change With Dak Back?


We were all concerned that the Cowboys would change their offensive game plan when Dak Prescott returned, but it appeared Kellen Moore stayed the course and kept a balanced attack. Do you agree? – Michael M., Burleson, Texas

Nick: Let's also factor in that the Cowboys didn't really practice much this past week heading into the game. Mike McCarthy changed up the schedule coming off a late-nigh return from Philly and so Wednesday's practice was a walk-through. So it shouldn't be a surprise that there wasn't a big change in the play-calling. They didn't execute as well as we all thought might happen against the Lions defense. But to me, it looked like the same type of game as we've seen with Cooper Rush. Neither quarterback ran the ball out of the pocket. That's what we've seen with Rush but with Dak, it has to be a part of his game. He's got the ability to get away from the pass-rush and pick up first downs on the move. That will probably happen with time.

Kurt: I have to admit that when Dak overthrew Noah Brown on the first play of the game and the team then went three-and-out on its first two series, I had some concern. But on that 12-play third possession that resulted in a field goal, the Cowboys ran the ball seven times, which helped open things up for Dak to pick up chunks of 15, 24 and 10 yards through the air. And that's pretty much how the rest of the game played out as Dak only dropped back to pass 27 times. Throw in that dominating defense and you've got a formula for success. Dak and the Cowboys know that.

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