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Mailbag: Did recent schedule prepare Cowboys?


The Cowboys took care of business and so will enter into this game against the Eagles on a four-game winning streak. But those wins came against inferior opponents, including three of the worst teams in the NFL. While a tougher challenge, even the Seahawks are just a .500 team and certainly no lock for the playoffs. With that in mind, who is more prepared for this showdown, Dallas or Philadelphia? If the old saying "iron sharpens iron" is true, are the Eagles perhaps more battle-tested after having faced the Chiefs, Bills and 49ers the last three weeks? – Adrian Miller/Shreveport, LA

Nick Harris: The NFL is the NFL at the end of the day, and what I mean by that is that the Cowboys' winning streak is still impressive at the end of the day even if it hasn't come against strong opponents. They have an opportunity over the course of the next four weeks to show that they can do it against strong opponents as well, but I don't see them as lesser prepared for those matchups than the other teams. The game against the Eagles this weekend – an opponent they have already seen – will be a true battle from start to finish and it'll prepare them for the stretch.

Patrik: Respectfully, it always tickles me to see this argument from folks. Yes, the Seahawks are at .500, but that's because the Cowboys put them there after hanging 41 points on the head of what was likely the best secondary they've faced this season (including the 49ers). As for the other opponents, any team can beat any other team on any given week, and that's why the Jets defeated the Eagles, the very same Eagles who have one of the worst secondaries in the entire league; and they'll face one of the most explosive offenses … at home … in prime time. The Commanders also scored 30+ in both of their outings against the Eagles and narrowly lost, with one game going to OT, but the Cowboys embarrassed Washington to the tune of 45-10. Make no mistake about it, the Eagles will be a handful and then some, but it's all about playing Cowboys' football and destroying narratives like the one you lobbed this way.

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