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Mailbag: Diggs' INT Total? Schultz Contract Status?


There seems to be a consensus that expectations for the number of interceptions Trevon Diggs gets this year will drop, maybe even considerably. How would you view Diggs' season this year if his numbers ended up similar to Anthony Brown's from a season ago: maybe a couple more interceptions, but a solid season? — MARCO ASPAAS / VANCOUVER, WA

David: I think we need to be mindful of just how insane it is to record 10+ interceptions in an NFL season. Prior to Trevon in 2021 and Xavien Howard in 2020, no one in the league had managed more than 8 in a season since 2009. Typically, 6+ picks in a season is insanely good. So to answer your question, if he plays good coverage and finished with 4 or more interceptions, I'll call that a heck of a year.

Rob: Double-digit interceptions is a rare feat. One reason is because opposing quarterbacks eventually start avoiding great cornerbacks. Some teams continued to throw at Diggs more often than I expected, trying to test him on double moves, etc. We'll see what their approach is this year. To answer your question, fewer interceptions are fine if Diggs is locking down half the field and taking away top receivers while limiting those big plays.

Hey, Frenchman looking for some Football 101 here. I can't figure out why Dalton Schultz doesn't participate in the OTAs. Why not prepare for the season with your teammates and coaches while your agents are discussing money with the front office? I mean, he signed the franchise tag, right? So, barring a trade, he'll play the season in Dallas anyway. — LOÏC QUINET / BLANZAT, FRANCE

David: Your second point is a good one, and it's true. The deck is stacked against a player who is under contract — which Schultz now is, having signed the tag. He's not going to hold out. I would think of this as just a way of reminding the front office that there's business to be discussed. My read on the situation is that the Cowboys probably aren't making much of an effort to work out a new deal. And while Schultz might not hold out, he can at least try to get their attention by missing a few days of work.

Rob: I will say Schultz has been a regular participant in the offseason program up to this point. Seems like he's just raising his hand, so to speak, signaling that he'd like to get some conversations started with just over a month until the negotiating deadline. Whether this sparks talks, I'm not sure. And at this point, I don't know if this would extend into next week's mandatory minicamp. I do know that the Cowboys would like to work toward a new deal, but so far there hasn't been much movement yet.

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