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Mailbag: Discussing Both First-Down Runs, Hurry-Up Offense To Attack Eagles' Defense

Mailbag: Discussing Both First-Down Runs,Hurry-Up Offense To Attack Eagles' Defense

I flew in to watch the Thanksgiving game and watched the Cowboys run on almost every first down. Do you think the Cowboys learned from that game and watching Seattle mix in a lot of first down passes and pound them on other downs and to close the show?

Nick:Obviously time of possession is the way to beat the Eagles and slow them down. That's what Seattle did, owning the ball for nearly 42 minutes. That's easier said than done but if you can play that way, it'll help not only move the ball but keep that Eagles' offense on the sidelines. The key is going to be an improved performance from the Cowboys' offensive line. The interior guys of Leary, Frederick and Martin need to push people around like we've seen most of the year. They didn't have a great game against the Eagles. To keep the ball and move the chains, the Cowboys have to win the battle in the trenches this time around.

Bryan:In the week leading up to the game I felt that if the Cowboys took a page out of the 1990's play book and throw the ball early than run late would have been the best way to attack this Eagles defense. I am sure that you will see a much different attack when these teams met again on Sunday night.

I was wondering, with the upcoming game against the Eagles, couldn't the Cowboys run their own no-huddle, hurry-up offense against the Eagles? Fight fire with fire?

Nick: At this point in the year, I'm not changing a lot of what you do best. Sure, it didn't work as well last time but that doesn't mean they can't tweak a few things to make corrections. This is a ball-controlled, pound-the-defense type of scheme. You can't just flip the script all of a sudden. Plus, if your no-huddle doesn't work then you're playing into Philly's hands and the offense is back on the field even sooner. The Cowboys need to play their game, just execute much better.

Bryan: The Eagles do not change personnel as much as the Cowboys do on defense. The no huddle doesn't work on them as well as it does against the Cowboys for that reason.

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