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Mailbag: Do Any Of The No- Names Have A Future In Dallas?



I know it may be early to tell, but with the Cowboys bringing in a new defensive lineman every week, and with Jay Ratliff and Anthony Spencer out or not with the team anymore, do you see any of the new linemen staying longer than the rest of this season and possibly getting a multi-year deal to play or possibly start?

Nick: That's the plan with all of these guys. You want to find someone ready to play right now, but they're not exactly 32-year-olds coming in here. The bonus is to get players to stick around like Marc Colombo did a few years back. Hayden and Selvie can be those types of guys -- maybe even players such as Marvin Austin and Nevis.

Rowan: Well, George Selvie already got that. He was signed for two years when he got here, which is great news for the Cowboys after the start he's gotten off to this year. As far as the others go, I think Drake Nevis would be a good player to watch. He's made some strides in the last couple weeks and is still young enough to where an extension would make sense. We've obviously yet to see Marvin Austin, but he could end up falling into that category as, well.


I keep reading -- when fans ask about certain player via trade or contract signing -- about all of these team cap room problems. Jerry even mentions it constantly. Where is the team really sitting, and what, in your opinions are the remedies?

Nick: You don't have a good answer because there isn't one. Two different personnel guys in the same office can read the cap in different ways. Yes, the reports about the club being $31 million over the cap next year are accurate. But what wasn't mentioned was how the Cowboys can and will shave off about $16 million in 16 seconds, thanks to restructures and other tricks of the trade. They will have enough room next year to be somewhat flexible in free agency. I wouldn't lose sleep over it. [embedded_ad]

Rowan: They'll be above the cap in coming years, and that's what happens with constant restructures. Eventually, players need to get paid, even if money gets converted to signing bonuses or gets pushed to later years. There are a couple big contracts that could and probably will be restructured, with some possibilities being DeMarcus Ware's, Brandon Carr's and Miles Austin's. But it'll take some maneuvering to get the Cowboys in any position to make any type of splash. The Cowboys did well to get under the cap this year. I think it'll be another quiet offseason in terms of flashy free agents acquired.

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