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Mailbag: Do The Cowboys Have Good Enough Depth? Making A Change At LT?

Does this team have the depth to overcome its injuries? With just two injuries and one player out on suspension this team looked lost. Or am I overreacting?

Bryan: I don't believe that lost is the right word? I do know that no team can replace losing the quality of players that they've had to play without and expect to win these games. Your hope is that the ones that do have to fill in are not liabilities and so far that's hasn't been the case. 

David:  I'm torn between how to answer this. Because on one hand, the Cowboys were missing three of their five best players in this game, which is a tough thing for any team to overcome. On the other hand, you've seen teams all over the league work through these types of injuries throughout the season. So I'm going to agree with you — specifically on defense. It's truly amazing how many defensive problems Sean Lee helps mask, and I think it shows just how far they have to go in developing their defensive talent to the level they want it.

If Tyron Smith continues to be limited, would the coaches consider giving La'el Collins practice snaps at LT? He might be a better play on that side and give Dak a chance, and I believe he played a good amount of LT in college. I get that it's not ideal to move people around, but if Tyron Smith can't play this week, I would rather have the talent on the blind side.

Bryan: Something I am sure that they've kicked around and you're correct that he played there at LSU but coaches are reluctant to move guys around considering that he is just finally looking comfortable at right tackle. 

David: Jason Garrett was asked about this on Monday, and he said it's something the coaches always consider — but he didn't anticipate making a move like that this week. I think the thought process is that they don't expect Tyron to be out too much longer, so why mess with another player's routine. But if Tyron is going to miss an extended period of time, I would certainly consider moving either La'el Collins or Zack Martin if I thought it would help.

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