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Mailbag: Do You See Ryan Cook Taking Over Starting Center Job?


Could you see Ryan Cook taking over the starting center job from Phil Costa this season?

Rowan: Cook has only been with the team a week, and the Cowboys already felt more comfortable with him jumping in at center than David Arkin. It doesn't seem like Costa's preseason back issues are disappearing anytime soon. Cook was brought in as a versatile veteran who could play all across the line. If Dallas elects to keep the roster it has, it's certainly possible Cook steps in at center with a few more days and weeks of practice.

Nick: Right now, I doubt that is the plan, but yes I could see that scenario taking place at some point. And it might just be beecaus of Costa's back. This seems like an injury that could be problematic throughout the year. If Cook played that well against that line with no practice and barely knowing the system, I wouldn't mind seeing more of him.


After a stellar Week 1, am I wrong for still thinking the jury is still out on Kevin Ogletree?

Rowan: No, you're not. Yes, Tony Romo made his mark turning Laurent Robinson into much more than the typical third receiver last season. But the reason Robinson was so great was because he was so consistently on point with Romo. While Ogletree performed admirably in Week 1, he's been in Dallas too long to assume he'll play near that level the rest of the year. He needs to show he can be reliable on a weekly basis.

Nick: I don't think you're wrong for that. There will be games this year Ogletree has one catch or maybe none at all. Once Witten gets backs in the flow more, Ogletree will likely drop to the fourth target. I think the expectations are low for him and should stay there relatively. He proved he could make plays when called upon, but it won't always be the case. I think the jury will remain out on him for a while.

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