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Mailbag: Does Hanna's Retirement Create TE Need? Trading Up Or Down?



With James Hanna's retirement, will Dallas be looking for one of the better TE's in the 3rd of 4th rounds? I like the TE from Oklahoma.

Bryan: They're really excited about Blake Jarwin, who was brought up during the season. They also need to take a look at Rico Gathers as well, so having to take a tight end early might not be in the plans. 

David:I sure don't get the feeling they have a lot of interest in tight end. They didn't bring in any tight ends on their visits, and Jason Witten is still producing. Maybe they draft one with one of their Day 3 picks, but it doesn't feel like a super high priority.



Would you rather see the Cowboys move up several spots for a player like Derwin James or trade back several spots and grab a player like Will Hernandez? Personally, I'm fine with both those moves just as long as we don't go WR 1st round.

Bryan: I always like to move up to grab players and Jerry Jones is not afraid of that. I believe if they move up it will likely be in the second for one of those receivers. My prediction is that they take a linebacker in the first. 

David:I'd love to trade up for a blue chip prospect, but I'm not convinced the Cowboys want to pay that price. If someone wants to give me an extra pick or two to move down, I'd be perfectly happy drafting Hernandez. But it all depends on whether there's an available player that somebody wants.

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