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Mailbag: Does new offense fit Gallup's play?


Given the way the Cowboys have looked the first two games, I can't complain. Still, I find it odd that Michael Gallup hasn't been more a part of the offense. Does this new "Texas Coast" offense not suit his style of play? Could he potentially be a trade candidate? I hate saying that because I like him and his skill set, but he doesn't seem very involved in the system so far.Adam Lopez/Frisco, TX

Nick Harris: This new offense that we've seen in the first two weeks has been predicated on taking advantage of the short-to-intermediate game and getting the ball out quick. As a result, we've seen guys that can get open quickly such as CeeDee Lamb and Tony Pollard get active in the receiving game quite a bit, but for a guy like Michael Gallup who doesn't necessarily excel at releasing off the line and creating quick separation, it's made things difficult for him to get involved. With that being said, I think a solid opportunity awaits in Arizona for him to get involved more than we've seen in the first two weeks against an inexperience secondary. As for being a trade candidate, I wouldn't go that far just yet with Gallup considering that the talent is still there and the potential for him in this offense still exists. It will just take some creativity to find his permanent role.

Patrik: This marks the third time I've been posed this question this week and I'm not saying that to knock it, I'm saying it to provide validation that you're not the only one outside of the build who is asking it. I would have liked to see more from Gallup in Week 2 (rain and no need to take risks in Week 1) but, in the absence of Brandin Cooks, it was Jalen Tolbert stepping up as the secondary contributor in the receiving corps, the tight ends notwithstanding. But that doesn't mean, yet, that he's a square peg in a round hole. He also wasn't really targeted against the Jets, but Tolbert was, and I could argue both sides of the coin as to why that might've been. In all, it's still only Week 3 and not even the Cowboys know what the "Texas Coast" offense looks like at full throttle, so how can fans and analysts? And, for that reason, I'll reserve judgment on the fate of Gallup in this new-look offense — feeling his skill set will come into play on more than one occasion this season and, if it does, then that'll answer the question. And, if it doesn't, that will answer the question as well. With 15 regular season games remaining and [hopefully] a playoff run, let's not go throwing away a former 1,000-yard receiver in mid-September.

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