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Mailbag: Does Prescott need more attitude?


Last week, Terry Bradshaw said that Dak Prescott needs to have more of an edge, that "As a player, you do not win a Super Bowl without some serious attitude." I think Dak is a great leader, but I also admit I'd like to see more of that "edge" from him. What do you think? – Ryan Williams/Omaha, NE

Nick Harris: I think that edge is definitely present, just not maybe for the usual fan to catch during a game. Dak drew headlines when he got in a friendly jarring match with Trevon Diggs at training camp last year. Players have consistently called him one of the biggest trash talkers on the team and it carries over into Sundays. Could he use more? Sure. I think he is one of those players that plays better when he's confident and the back-and-forth definitely shows that confidence. He finds a healthy balance of knowing when it's a good time to be a leader and when to get a little rowdy. I respect Bradshaw, but I gotta disagree with him on this one. Dak has an edge that permeates throughout the locker room at times.

Mickey: Not really sure what this is supposed to mean, "more attitude" and "more edge." Dak might be one of the most competitive players I've ever been around, a guy who goes out of his way especially in training camp to create some competitive tension to fire guys up. Now does Bradshaw mean he needs to yell and scream, chew his teammates out? Not sure that's all it takes to put this team over the edge to win a Super Bowl. You want him chewing out his offensive linemen for missing blocks? See him all time going up to receivers to iron out route miss-communications. No need to create false attitude. Dak also is very organic in the way he treats all his teammates in a genuine fashion.

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