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Mailbag: Does Prescott's streak feel different?


We've seen Dak Prescott have similar streaks like this in the past, but something feels a little different about it this time. Would you agree? What's the reason?– Willow Fox/New York

Nick Eatman:I think what feels different is the amount of blowouts we've seen from them here this year. Yes, Dak is on fire and we've seen that before. But the Cowboys are not really messing around with these lesser teams anymore. We did see that once in Arizona but I think we all know why that  happened like that. This offensive line is playing at a high level and it's allowing Dak to fully go through his reads and progressions and find the right target. The play-calling is clicking as well. But overall, yes I think Dak is playing at the highest level that we have seen right now. But as we all know, it won't matter if he doesn't find a way to carry it over to the games that count the most. 

Kurt: I completely agree. This is the hottest streak Prescott has ever been on and he's showing no signs of slowing down. And during this stretch he has given credit to those around him, such as an improved offensive line, a true playmaker in CeeDee Lamb and, of course, the play-calling of Mike McCarthy. There's more movement, more downfield shots, more creativity and consequently more points being put on the board. But don't discount what Prescott himself is doing. He's taking greater advantage of his mobility, be it through running the ball or just by moving out of the pocket to avoid the rush. In addition, as simple as it sounds, he's also just been healthy. This is the first time he's appeared in each of the Cowboys' first 11 games of the season since 2019. There was the fractured ankle that ended his 2020 campaign, a strained calf in 2021 and thumb surgery last year. Just when he'd get rolling, he'd have to stop and more or less start over again. Thankfully, that hasn't been the case this year. Throw in his own maturation as a quarterback and his growing comfort in McCarthy's offense and perhaps it's no surprise that Prescott is now firmly in the hunt for league MVP honors.

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