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Mailbag: Does Romo Look Like A Different Quarterback?


Is it just me or does Tony Romo look like a completely different quarterback than we are used to seeing?

Nick: Not at all. I think he's pretty much the same guy we've seen for a while. He played well Wednesday night, but he did have a bad interception that could've been returned for a touchdown. I think the biggest difference in the entire game, was the defense, but yet Romo got the win. That's how it goes in football. I really don't think he's playing any differently.

Josh: Completely different? I disagree. A year ago he had three games with a higher quarterback rating than he did last Wednesday, including one game against the Giants. Three TDs against one pick, with 300 yards passing is certainly not out of the question for him in any game. So, completely different than the perception might be for a lot of people? Yeah. Completely different than we've seen? No. But he's definitely grown into a better player over the course of the last six years.


Shouldn't DeMarco Murray be coached to avoid unnecessary contact, in an attempt to keep him healthy?

Nick: That sounds easy enough. But do you really want to tell your running back to avoid getting extra yards? Avoid lowering your shoulder and running over people. Avoid setting the tone that just because there is a ball tucked under your arm, that you can't be a physical beast on the field. No thanks. I know everyone wants him to stay healthy, but telling a guy not to try and run people over seems to be counterproductive. I kind of like the mentality he runs with. If it means more injuries, then it'll be a problem, but it also gives the team an edge it hasn't really had at that position in a while.

Josh: I wonder how many yards he leaves on the field last Wednesday if he weren't running that way. I wonder, honestly, if the Cowboys would've won the game were he not running that way. It's a great dimension to bring to the offense, one the Cowboys haven't had since Marion Barber was in his heyday. And there's something to be said for doling out the punishment rather than taking it. He's going to pick up some additional bumps and bruises over the course of the year, sure, but I don't think you ought to be looking too far down the road. He and everyone else on the roster have to do whatever it takes to win the next game. That's the mindset that wins.

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