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Mailbag: Does Williams' Growth Hurt Harris' Progress?



Has the development of Terrance Williams hindered that of Dwayne Harris?

David: Hindered? I wouldn't go that far. Williams is certainly going to push Harris for playing time and could wind up grabbing the No. 3 wide receiver spot. But Harris is the most veteran wideout behind Dez Bryant and Miles Austin, so he should have every opportunity to secure his spot.

Rowan: I don't think so. Harris has gotten fewer reps as the third receiver, but he's also in his third year now. He knows the offense well at this point, and I think the Cowboys already have a good idea of what Harris can provide.


Is Ronald Leary an upgrade at guard?

David: To this point, I'd say so. At the very least, Ronald Leary has been able to make it to the field and stay there. The Cowboys' ground game looked pretty formidable against Miami on Sunday, and the team's backs had plenty of success running left – to Leary's side. I like his chances of keeping the job based on merit alone, but I like those chances even better the longer Livings stays injured.


Rowan: It certainly seems that way. Leary looks like one of the few players on the line who can overpower a defender, and the way the Cowboys ran the ball Sunday hasn't hurt his cause. With the athleticism of Tyron Smith and the bulk of Ronald Leary on the left, I don't see any reasons the Cowboys would stop running that direction. They still have a long way to go on the line, but the addition Leary and Travis Frederick starting could make a significant impact on a stagnant running attack.

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