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Mailbag: Donovan Wilson? Touches For Pollard?


About two years ago we were just talking about how we might have solved one of our safety issues with Donavan Wilson. Yet we added our possible MVP in Jayron Kearse and a solid option in Malik Hooker and still say we need help at the position. Can he still be the answer at safety? — BRANDON COLLINS / SACRAMENTO, CA

David: See, I would argue that most people feel as if safety is in a pretty solid spot because of the three guys that you mentioned. Throw in Israel Mukuamu from last year's draft, and I'm not sure there's a ton of room for a new safety unless he's a Day 3, developmental pick. I would bet on Kearse and Hooker being the starters in 2022, but Dan Quinn has already shown us that he's just fine using three safeties in certain personnel packages. I think Donovan Wilson will have plenty of opportunity to make an impact.

Rob: Is safety really considered a notable need? Maybe we've just become conditioned to saying that every spring, but I don't really feel that way this year. I wrote about ex-Penn State star Jaquan Brisker for our Possible Pick series Thursday and the whole time I was thinking, "Terrific player, but they've got much bigger needs in the first two rounds." Anyway, yes, I do think Donovan Wilson can help the rotation, particularly in the box. We saw in 2020 that he brings physicality to the group. Last year he was hurt in training camp and then injuries sidelined him for nearly half the season.

I don't know about all the importance of taking a WR high in the draft. Why not find ways to get Tony Pollard the ball more as a receiver? Not saying that we can't use another receiver, but Pollard is versatile and could alleviate the loss of Cooper to a degree. I often wonder if our coaching staff has even considered it or is capable of finding more ways to get him involved. — CHRIS T. / ARLINGTON, VA

David: The coaching staff has talked frequently about getting Tony Pollard more involved, and I'll just be blunt: I'll believe it when I see it. We've known for years that Tony is a playmaker, and there he was in the playoffs, getting six total touches on offense while the season slipped away. So yes, I think you make a great point – I just don't have high hopes for it happening. On top of that, keep in mind that Tony is entering the final year of his rookie deal. Drafting a receiver would be just as much about the big picture as 2022.

Rob: I actually was surprised by Tony Pollard's receiving targets. He had 46 to Elliott's 65 last year and 106 the last three seasons compared to Elliott's 207. I thought the totals would have been lower, honestly, because his primary role has been as a change-of-pace rusher, which he does very well. But to your point, those numbers average out to only 2.3 targets per game for his career so far. There's only one ball to go around, and Dak Prescott has had no shortage of options in the passing game, but I do agree that maybe Pollard can be featured a little more -- maybe a little differently -- to help offset the changes they've made at receiver.

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