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Mailbag: Draft A Quarterback Or Plug Present Holes?


With the draft approaching, should the Cowboys draft a quarterback for the future or continue to plug holes for the present?

Nick: I think they should if there is one in the middle rounds they like. But I wouldn't just draft one to just draft a quarterback. This roster has only had two QBs last year. It needs to be a guy they really like and can develop over the next few years. I wouldn't draft one higher than the third round though.  

Rowan: They can do both. The Cowboys should be able to spend a mid-round pick on a quarterback and still plug all the holes they deem necessary on the line, and perhaps at backup running back and safety, as well. [embedded_ad]

This draft is filled with talented linemen on both sides of the ball, while it may be a down year at quarterback. That should mean some talent will be available at quarterback in the mid to late rounds.


If Eddie Lacy, the running back from Alabama, fell to us in the second or third round, would the Cowboys consider taking him? He would be a good compliment to Murray and a beast on short yardage plays.

Nick: I can see the Cowboys taking a back or two in this draft. But I'm out on the complementary backs. That Thunder & Lightning stuff is played out. The Cowboys need to draft a back who can start for them. Murray is no different than most backs. They get banged up. So draft a guy who can handle the full-time load, regardless if he has to right away. I think Lacy is good from what I've seen. Then again, every lineman on Alabama's team is draft worthy. So let's see if he's really as good as he appeared.  

Rowan: That would be tempting. I don't see Lacy falling that far, but if he did, he's the kind of back the Cowboys could use behind Murray. The Cowboys need a player they can count on down after down if Murray goes down again. Lacy was durable as a starter, playing in all 13 games last season for the Crimson Tide after battling turf toe the year prior. There's no doubt he can pound the ball. Predicting how he will pass block and catch out of the backfield as well could determine how high he goes in the draft.

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