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Mailbag: Draft Need vs. Best Player? OT Depth?


Do teams build their big board based on their needs over overall player grades? In other words, with our 'needs' at D-Line, TE, and safety, do players at those positions receive higher grades (or more consideration) than positions like QB, RB, or O-Line on the big board? - TOM LEE

Bryan: No, no, no. Never window dress your board. Give the players their due and put them where they need to be taken. Trying to weight your board to help cover you needs is the kiss of death.

Rob: Bryan's built a few boards in his day. Just remember, when head coach Jason Garrett talks about "drafting purely," that's what he means. Teams have to set their board based on the best overall prospects, not the best overall "need" prospects.


Is anyone in the Cowboys organization talking about offensive tackle and the future of Tyron Smith? Do you think the Cowboys should be prioritizing tackle higher in the draft in case his injuries get worse and the fact that Collins becomes a free agent? - DARREN POUPORE / ASHEVILLE, NC

Bryan: The front office has their eye on tackles but at this point it's the swing ones. I'd keep an eye on Jacksonville and see what they do with Parnell. This draft is also deep at that position. Could add one through that route.

Rob: They liked what Cameron Fleming did in two starts for Smith last year. You're right, Collins is a free agent after next season. But Smith had a really nice season last year and stayed pretty healthy. They might try to bring back Fleming as the swing tackle over spending an early pick on one.

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