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Mailbag: Drafting A Kicker? Moving Zack Martin


I can't understand why drafting a kicker is not a common approach. This is a guy that scores every game multiple times and he's responsible of winning or losing games during the season. Would you draft a kicker in the middle rounds and get a trustable kicker for years to come? — SALOMON SABA / LAREDO, TX

Nick: It would be something to consider. But drafting a kicker and getting a reliable one isn't always the same. It's really no different than any position. I went back and looked at the kickers drafted over the last 6-7 years and for the most part, those guys are pretty good. It's not just the Bengals rookie but players like Carlson and Gay have been really good, too. So I wouldn't be afraid to do that at all – IF – you think there's one that can help you. Something tells me this organization feels like it's a "wasted" pick but I wouldn't think so if you get a good one.

Rob: Yeah, who knows, maybe this is another potential 'copycat' situation across the league since both kickers in the Super Bowl were fifth-round draft picks. It does seem like the pool of productive kickers isn't as deep as past years, and maybe it's a good idea to draft one you can rely on for years to come. Then again, do you spend a draft pick on a kicker or, say, a guy who can add to your pass rush? I think that's where the dilemma is for teams. In this particular situation here, I think Greg Zuerlein is definitely the favorite to be the kicker again in 2022.

We've seen Zack Martin play at All-Pro levels at both right guard and right tackle, but never at left guard. When Connor McGovern filled in at right guard, he was great. Why not solve the offensive line issues by putting Martin at left guard, McGovern at right guard, and then drafting for the future at left tackle and possibly center? — ROGER SCHOCK / CROWLEY, TX

Nick: Zack Martin made it clear he wants to be right guard. Once he stops making All-Pro there, maybe you can shuffle things around. But this question seems kind of hypocritical to me. If you're saying Zack Martin can just slide to left guard without any problem, then it's suggesting that it's a similar position. But if that's the case, then why can't McGovern play better at left guard if, as you said, he was "great" at right guard. I didn't seem him great there. It was one game against the Bucs and the Cowboys were too afraid to run anything up the middle. I'm leaving Martin where he is.

Rob: Zack Martin is, to me, the best right guard in the NFL. Why mess with the anchor of the interior offensive line? Plus, I'm sure he's probably comfortable at the spot he's played for eight seasons. I get that the Cowboys have a question mark at left guard, and you're right, McGovern was more comfortable on the right side. But I don't think moving Martin around is the answer.

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