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Mailbag: Effect Hardy Could Have On Team Chemistry?; Negotiations With Carr?

*It seems like Dez isn't getting a long term contract because of off-field concerns, wouldn't bringing in Greg Hardy with his past cause even more friction between Dez and Cowboys? Are you afraid of losing team chemistry with all this happening and letting Murray leave?
Bryan: Where I believe you are mistaken here is that Bryant's contract has nothing to do with off field issues but more his age and how to structure it so you are not paying huge money to a player that is declining in his playing ability – see Andre Johnson with the Texans. There is not a better teammate on this roster than Dez Bryant because all he wants to do is win. If Greg Hardy can help him do just that I would worry about chemistry or Murray leaving.  

David: Dez wants a multi-year, big-time money contract. He essentially wants to be paid like the best receiver in the sport, and his off-field issues haven't been enough to devalue him. Hardy's legal issues have undoubtedly cut into his price tag – why else would he still be unsigned? And my guess is that he doesn't have much leverage to demand too high of a price or too long of a deal. It could theoretically upset Dez to see the Cowboys spend on a new player, but I'm pretty confident Dez's $13 million price tag for 2015 is going to be a bigger number than whatever Hardy signs for.

Why haven't the Cowboys asked Brandon Carr to take a pay cut?

Bryan: Why cut his pay when there is a chance that he won't take it and force you to cut him when teams still have money left to spend? I take this all the way to June and then make that call.

David: They don't have any leverage right now. If they were to release Carr at this stage in free agency, he'd simply sign a new deal elsewhere. The Cowboys don't actually want Carr to leave, so they'll wait until teams have filled their free agency needs before they began that negotiation.


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