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Mailbag: Establishing A Run-First Offense?


After watching the preseason games against the Broncos and Chargers, it appears that the Cowboys are trying to establish a run-first offense. Do you think this will continue into the regular season? If so, do they keep an extra pass catching running back and go lighter on receiver even though they are already thin at receiver? — RANDY BUFFINGTON / GLEN ROCK, PA

Nick: I don't really think you can see a style of play based off the first two preseason games. The backup QBs are still rather inexperienced, playing behind a really young O-line and throwing to even younger receivers. Not to mention this is a preseason game with a long flight to follow. So let's run the ball, try not to give away too much offense and let's get out of there. Now, I still believe all teams will try to establish a running game of some kind. The Cowboys will do that as well, but I don't think you'll see more backs or less revivers than we're used to.

Rob: I think they're trying to re-establish their physicality and "play style" in the run game, to borrow a phrase from head coach Mike McCarthy. They weren't as consistent winning the line of scrimmage down the stretch last year and they know they have to get back to that. (It's a huge reason why Tyler Smith is here, by the way.) The play-action game has always been helpful to Dak Prescott, but I don't think they're a "run-first" offense. They've always been a "take-what's-given" offense, and I don't really see that changing. Look no further than last year's season opener against Tampa Bay. If there are better options outside, Kellen Moore will take them. Plus, running is important, but you have to hit big plays in the passing game if you're going to score points in this league.

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