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Mailbag: Expectations For Randy Gregory?


Randy Gregory has not played or practiced in 18 months. No matter how hard he worked to get ready for camp it would be tough to replicate the speed and physical nature of the game. Because he has such tremendous pass rushing ability the Cowboys have waited close to two full seasons for Gregory to return. Will he then be given "the benefit of the doubt" and make the 53-man roster if he is not completely back to form? - JEFF GALO / LAFAYETTE, CO

Bryan:He will be given a chance just as the other defensive linemen on the squad. Been told by folks that they're happy he's back but no guarantee despite that talent level. 

Rob: It's a great question. I don't think we'll know the answer until we see how Gregory practices/plays once he's fully eligible – and, just as important, how the other defensive ends perform. If he shows consistency day to day and shows signs of that quick first step that made him an early draft pick, then there's probably a spot for him on the 53. Just look at how much faith they've shown in him over these 18 months he's been gone.

Not every assistant coach would be a good head coach and not all aspire to be one. Of the current Cowboys assistant coaches, which one(s) do you think would be a good head coach some day? And which ones would like that opportunity - GEORGE WATSON / MAGNOLIA, TX

Bryan: Coaches all want to run their own program. With that being said, the one that would be the obvious choice is Kris Richard. He's highly respected and has been a successful coordinator in this league. He has also been with a head coach in Pete Carroll who not only knows how to build a team but handle the every-day grind of the job. He's been in great learning situations. 

Rob: Agree with Bryan on Richard as a potential head coach somewhere someday. Also we've already heard a lot of positive things about new receivers coach Sanjay Lal and how he's highly regarded around the league as a teacher. Maybe a head coaching job could be in his future one day.

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