Mailbag: Expectations Of Escobar In 2016? Evaluating The Backup QBs?

With Escobar's injury, and lack of production when healthy, is there a chance (even if a small one) he gets cut? It seems the Cowboys are looking for TE help. Escobar seems like a guy that has a ton of potential, but it never translates to the field. Your thoughts?

Bryan:I am not defending Gavin Escobar with my comments here, but the truth of the matter is that his lack of production is not his fault. Escobar was drafted to play in a scheme where he could be used as a "12" personnel tight end. When Scott Linehan took over as the play caller, the focus of the scheme went to "11" personnel and there was no way that Linehan was going to take Jason Witten off the field. If you want to blame someone for his lack of production – blame the front office for drafting him with a plan in mind, then switching the plan. The same could be said of Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne – significant resources spent without the benefit of the results.

David: If Escobar was healthy, that might be a problem the Cowboys would have to deal with. He isn't healthy, though, given that he tore his Achilles in December. I'm not expecting him to be ready for the start of training camp or the start of the season. My best guess is that he starts the year on the PUP list, which gives him an additional six-to-eight week to work on his recovery. By then, who can say what the Cowboys' needs will look like? Hopefully he'll find a way to make some contributions at some point.

If Dak Prescott or Jameill Showers balls out in OTAs and is head and shoulders better then Kellen Moore, do you think this coaching staff has the guts to play a better player at the QB position without experience? Every great player was once a rookie at some point.

Bryan:I understand your question, but I feel like it's going to take more than just OTAs and minicamps to make that switch. Now if we get to training camp and there is a clear winner in that direction, no question you will see this front office and coaching staff make that call. Dak Prescott is not going anywhere but Moore and Showers is a whole another story.

David:Firstly, I would need to see it to believe it. I don't think you can undersell just how much work Prescott specifically has to do to adapt to the pro level. Having said that, I honestly think the coaches would side with experience. If I've learned one thing from watching them work, it's that they place a lot of value in trust and a player's comfort level. I think Moore ultimately wins out because of those factors.


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