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Mailbag: Explaining The Center Rotation?


What is the thought process behind starting Connor Williams at center last game over Tyler Biadasz, who looks to be the starter there but needs reps himself as a young player? And what do you think the lineup will look like Week 1? – MATTHEW K / DENVER, CO

Nick: I honestly have no idea what they were doing. And you have to remember, I might be the one person this whole offseason that wanted to see more experience and competition at center. I just feel like Biadasz is still unproven so the fact he didn't get the start makes me think the Cowboys are at least exploring all options. Think about it, if they wanted Williams to get more reps, he could've gotten them at any point in the game – didn't have to start. Personally, I think if he had played better, Williams would at least be in the mix to start. And then the Cowboys could start McGovern at guard. It's always about getting the best five on the field together. They just had to find out where Williams fits into that top five.

David: We can question the intelligence of this move, but I think it's as simple as needing your backup center to get some game action because he has none. Why are the Cowboys trying to turn a guy who has never played center into their primary backup on one month's notice? I have no idea. But since that's the route they've decided to take, they need to find Connor some reps. I'm confident Tyler Biadasz is going to be the Week 1 starter, but it looks like they're trying to put Williams through a crash course.

What is the update on rookie defensive end Chauncey Golston? Looks to me that he may have to start the year on the PUP or IR since he has not been able to practice at all so far in training camp. What does his situation add to the D-line questions? – GLENN PARRY / SENATOBIA, MS

Nick: The unfortunate part is the Cowboys also now have injuries to Trysten Hill and Neville Gallimore. Golston was supposed to add some pass-rush skills to the interior of the line. And he still might do that at some point, they need it now. What started out as a position that had lots of numbers and might need to be trimmed before camp, is now a position that legitimately could see an upgrade from the outside.

David: When you get to this point in training camp and a guy is still unavailable, you start to change your expectations. Add in the fact that he's a rookie, and he's got even more ground to make up. We haven't heard anything about Golston coming off PUP in the near future, so I'm starting to wonder if he starts the season on PUP. If that happens, he'd be unavailable until October. It's unfortunate, but it's hard to have high expectations for the guy – at least at the outset. Hopefully he can get himself up to speed and contribute at some point.

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