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Mailbag: Extending Zeke? A Move To TE?


Bill Parcells once said that a particular player, who played safety, was a double cheeseburger away from being a linebacker. Using that same analogy, is Noah Brown that close to a tight end? Or at least could this serve as an avenue to growing Noah Brown's future heading into his third and pivotal season?


Nick: I've never heard that reference, but I remember him saying that about biscuits, so I can believe it. Personally, I wouldn't change anything about Noah Brown's position or height/weight. But too often it seems like they stretch the limits of these guys and say, "Well, since he's a big receiver, let's see if he can do some tight end things." When in reality, I'd rather just see him play receiver and try to dominate smaller corners. He's big and fast. I would think Brown could work the middle of the field like a true possession receiver. I'm not a fan of beefing him up to play tight end. I'd just let him play receiver at his size and use those mismatches.

Rob: Ah, nice Parcells reference about the great Roy Williams. Standing right next to Brown, no question he's a big receiver. But at 225 pounds, he certainly wouldn't fit the mold of an in-line tight end. I think you keep developing him where he is. Made a nice catch against the Rams and should benefit from a full healthy offseason after missing so much time last year.


When I first heard of Zeke wanting an extension with technically two years left I was like, no way. But the more I researched about it and thought about roughly adding say four/five years on the back end of his current rookie contract which would take him up to 29/30 years old it made sense. What are your thoughts?


Nick: Yes, I agree with your last thought. Do it now, and get this clock started sooner than later. It'd be one thing if Zeke was a good back. If he was just a good player, then yeah, I could see where you wouldn't want a back playing in his sixth, seventh and eighth years. But he's not just good, he's special. He's a real difference-maker and I think he'll be really good well past his initial five years. So do this contract now and lock him up for at least five more.

Rob: Well, there is a precedent here: The Rams extended Todd Gurley early last year, keeping him under contract in L.A. until he's 29, historically (with some exceptions) the tail end of a running back's prime. But there's been no public word from Elliott that he wants an extension, and the Cowboys' front office hasn't speculated on that possibility when asked by reporters, though he's obviously a cornerstone player. How the timing would work there remains to be seen. DeMarcus Lawrence is the most pressing issue on the roster, and then there are a bunch of Pro Bowl players under contract (Elliott included) who are eligible for extensions.

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