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Mailbag: Extremely Early Roster Projections?


What position groups do you think they will go long at this year? And what spots do you think they will go short? My long thoughts are WR, OL, and DL. My short thoughts will be QB, LB, and S. - TYLER BAEM / SAN ANTONIO, TX

Bryan: It's always smart to go long at both offensive and defensive lines because those positions are hard to find and develop as the year moves along. Bet they go long at running back and cornerback. I am with you on going short at quarterback and I don't see them carrying four tight ends like they did last season.

Rob: Looks like there's a lot of talent at receiver, and they did keep six last year. They could go longer at running back, too, after drafting two rookies. Last year they only kept three, including fullback Jamize Olawale. The Cowboys had a stretch several years ago where they kept only one backup quarterback behind Tony Romo, but it was always a veteran guy (Brad Johnson, Kyle Orton). This is a big offseason for young QBs Mike White and Cooper Rush to prove they could move the offense if Dak Prescott were ever to miss snaps.

With the return of Jason Witten to the team and Tank's new contract, can we expect a shift in leadership roles for the 2019 team? Which players might play the biggest leadership roles? - OMAR HERNANDEZ / MEXICO CITY

Bryan: Witten has tried to fit in as smoothly as possible, but everyone on the staff and roster knows that he will once again be a captain of this club. Lawrence has always been a leader even with the new contract. I'll be interested to see what happens with Travis Frederick once again healthy and the off-the-field issue with Tyrone Crawford if he continues to keep his spot. I believe you'll continue to see Ezekiel Elliott with a leadership role without being a captain, as will Randall Cobb.

Rob: Witten is still going to be a leader on this team, but he understands there was a natural evolution of leadership while he was gone. Zack Martin inherited his locker last year as an offensive captain and has kept it. Witten wants the young guys to be empowered, and that means 20-somethings like Martin, Dak Prescott and Lawrence will continue to have strong voices.

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