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Mailbag: Fair To Expect Any More Free Agent Signings?



The Eagles, Giants, and Redskins are loading up on talent in their respective secondaries. As a fan I am starting to think it's going to be awfully tough to move the ball on them. I know it's still the offseason, so is this a realistic worry or too early to judge?

Nick: I think it's a stretch to say they're "loading up" but you can probably say they're getting better there. Then again, as funny as it might sound, you would expect them to improve because teams in their division like the Eagles and Cowboys have proven they can move the ball. One of the NFL's best wide receivers and tight ends are on the Cowboys' roster, so they should get better there. The Cowboys will counter that they "loaded up" as a play-caller in Scott Linehan and can improve an already-potent aspect of their game. It's early like you said, and let's see how everyone looks after the draft.

David: March is always too early to proclaim anything definitive about how the season will play out – as countless Cowboys fans on Twitter will remind you about Philadelphia's supposed "Dream Team" in 2011. That said, though, it's clear that everyone in the NFC East is working to fix their deficiencies. New York has bulked up its offensive line and added to its secondary, Philadelphia brought in Malcolm Jenkins, etc. It's worth pointing out that, despite their struggles, the Cowboys did go 5-1 against the division in 2013, but I think it's fair to say their three rivals as a whole have improved this spring.



Dallas signed the three defensive linemen earlier in the offseason, but there have been no signings since. I'm a big fan of building through the draft, but I also like filling holes in free agency so that there aren't reaches for need. Do you see any more signings coming, even if they're lesser-known players?

Nick: Yeah I would expect a couple of more signings at some point. Now, there comes a time when you really don't want to do much before the draft. At this point, you could sign a veteran at some position, then draft the same spot and the free agent becomes somewhat of a waste. Not sure we've hit that lull period just yet with still five weeks to go, but it'll happen in a little bit. I bet we see a signing or three in the next couple of weeks. Now you're going to ask where? I don't know that. But a veteran receiver or safety wouldn't surprise me, and maybe an interior backup to replace what they had in Costa.  

David: It's funny, because free agency is continuing to chug along after three weeks. The difference is that, for the most part, the signings aren't the type that are going to register as national news. Those are the types of signings I'd expect: depth guys, special teams guys, inexpensive guys. I would imagine we'll see a couple of those before it's all said and done.

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