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Mailbag: Fastest Wide Receivers On The Team?

Tavon Austin

So many times last season, Bryan mentioned how valuable tight end James Hanna was and what this offense was missing was someone like him to go in and do some of the dirty work that no one else could/would do. With that said, is the next James Hanna on the team right now, or do the Cowboys still have a gap to fill? - WILLIE FUFU / CONROE, TX

Bryan: I thought that maybe Noah Brown was that guy but I am not sure he makes the team if it comes down to that last spot? Maybe Jamize Olawale, but I am not sure of his overall toughness at this point, though I could see him playing more. Dalton Schultz has shown some growth in his second season so that would be the guy that I'd look to. 

Rob: Hanna retired, and Geoff Swaim, who did a lot of the in-line blocking you referred to, is now with Jacksonville. Rico Gathers showed some effectiveness as a blocker last season, but he's got a lot of tight ends in front of him. To me, it's probably Dalton Schultz. He was viewed as a complete tight end out of Stanford and he did a better job at the point of attack as his rookie season went along.

How do the receivers in OTAs rank according to speed? - DOUG HUMPHRIES / ORANGE, TX

Bryan: Top five: Tavon Austin, Amari Cooper, Jon'Vea Johnson, Jalen Guyton, Devin Smith. 

Rob: We haven't seen Tavon Austin practice yet in two open sessions, but he's probably still the fastest in terms of top-end speed. Undrafted rookie Jalen Guyton might not be far behind, though. Fellow rookie Jon'Vea Johnson has looked really explosive. There's really not a receiver in the group who can't separate. The projected top three -- Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, Randall Cobb -- all can scoot.

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