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Mailbag: Figuring Out A Role For Sean Lee?


Are the Cowboys going to look into an all-around fullback the likes of Daryl "Moose" Johnston? And a catch/blocking tight end? It would fit Dak Prescott's and Ezekiel Elliott's style of play a lot better. Helping down on goal line situations with the jumbo package would be awesome. - JERRY THOMPSON / DES MOINES, IA

Bryan: I would like to believe that a fullback is in the cards, but not knowing who the primary play caller is going to be, that person might have a different plan for that position. Just executing plays better on the goal line would help.

Rob: Jamize Olawale is set to be a free agent, so a fullback change is possible. Olawale helped the Cowboys go lighter at running back this season because he's pretty versatile, but I wouldn't say he's in the traditional Moose/lead blocker mold. All three young tight ends made strides as blockers the last half of the season. But there's no question they've got to find an answer in goal-to-go situations moving forward. Getting Travis Frederick back at center should be a boost.


It seems the writing is on the wall for Sean Lee and his tenure with the Dallas Cowboys (despite his injury history, I think this is premature). It just seems hard to believe that legitimate snaps can't be found for him that don't come at the expense of Leighton Vander Esch and Jaylon Smith. Why not play him on the strong side in the base defense with snaps also at nickel? I just feel he brings way too much to the table to be phased out. - BRADLEY BURTON / STATE COLLEGE, PA

Bryan: Nobody has more respect for Sean Lee than me, but one of the reasons you put him on the weak side was to avoid contact. Putting him on the strong side doesn't solve that. Lee wasn't himself when he came back and that worries me. I am sure the time off didn't help, but there was something not right there.

Rob: Good to hear from Nittany Lion country. When the season ended, it sounded like Lee will take some time to think and then eventually sit down with the organization and talk about his future. The question seems to be how many snaps he can handle in what would be his age-33 season and what type of role would make sense. The Cowboys say they want him back. We'll see what happens.

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