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Mailbag: Figuring out how to use weapons?


Has anyone ever thought that one of the biggest problems with the Dallas offense early on has been that they do have so many weapons? Three wide receivers who can probably start on any other team, good tight end depth and a good running back room. Maybe there have been just too many options and they're finally starting to figure out how to use them? – Bruce Holden/Bowie, MD

Nick Eatman: No, I've never thought about that. Earlier in this calendar year, I saw them lose in the playoffs to the 49ers because they simply didn't have enough playmakers to win, especially after Tony Pollard's injury. In the offseason, they went out and added Cooks and have been hoping for the development of both Tolbert and Turpin, along with the improved health of Gallup. But I don't think this team sits here after seven games and has "too many weapons." I don't know if I agree with your assessment of receivers that could start for any team. Cooks seems to be on the high-end for second receivers but I would guess most teams have guys like Gallup and Tolbert. Just answer this question – if the Cowboys were to suffer an injury at running back or receiver, it would seem to be rather problematic. That doesn't sound like a team that has too many weapons.

Kurt: I wouldn't say they have too many weapons. Not sure you can ever have enough in the NFL. And a case can be made that some of those weapons haven't exactly met expectations just yet. However, I do think they are starting to figure out how to use them. As much as we wanted it to be, the change to Mike McCarthy's Texas Coast offense wasn't going to be an overnight transition. It was going to take a few games for both he and the players to truly get comfortable with the system, especially considering the starters received no live action during the preseason. But now we're seeing Dak Prescott using his legs to his advantage, CeeDee Lamb becoming an even bigger threat and Brandin Cooks and Jake Ferguson getting more involved. It's a beautiful thing when they all get in sync, isn't it? With that said, though, I'm sure the offense is not running as efficiently or producing as effectively as they'd like it to be (can Tony Pollard break loose?), which means even better times may still be ahead.

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