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Mailbag: Filling Out The QB Depth Chart? Position Changes In The Secondary?

Now that Kellen Moore is coaching, the Cowboys need another QB or two, at least for camp.  Will they get a veteran, sign a couple undrafted free agents after the draft, or even draft a QB in the late rounds?

Bryan: If I were them I'd stay young. They made a commitment to Cooper Rush as the back up and I was okay with that. Keep playing young guys and keep trying to develop them. To have a veteran guy around just to have one doesn't make sense to me? 

David:I suppose there are a couple veteran signings out there that might make sense. If Mark Sanchez wanted to come back on a cheap deal, I would be fine with that. Otherwise, I expect the Cowboys will sign some undrafted free agents to what they already have – or maybe a late-round pick. I am not going to be surprised if Dak Prescott and Cooper Rush are the only quarterbacks on the roster in 2018.

What do you guys think Kris Richard does with the DBs going forward? Byron go back to corner? Does Xavier play safety or corner? Does Chido stay at corner?

Bryan: We haven't heard anything official on the hire so it's hard to comment on. If it does become official, I really do like the addition. In talking to some guys around the league his coaching style is a plus. If he's in those meetings I promise after studying this defensive game tape he's going to have ideas what needs to be done with this secondary and where they need to line up. 


David:It seems like half the fanbase has already decided that Byron is moving to corner, so it will be interesting to see what happens when Richard actually has a chance to get in here and evaluate his personnel. Byron's length and athleticism makes him an interesting candidate at corner. Chido showed so much potential at corner, I'd feel awfully reluctant to move him. But I guess we'll see what happens.

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