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Mailbag: Finding More Help For The Red Zone?


Wondering if you guys see a difference maker in the red zone area at pick 58 in the draft? Last year the defense was top 10, but the offense was in the bottom half of the league scoring wise and even worse in red zone efficiency. Obviously not having Dez and Witten was a big loss so it's nice that Witten is back, but I don't really see any other players on the roster, outside of Zeke, who can make a difference in the red zone. - DEVON DAVIDSON

Bryan: Need to get Amari Cooper more involved. Having Witten back will help in this area as you mentioned. This might be the best option you have down there because Witten has a great feel for how to work in small spaces.  

Rob: You're right, Witten will help. Regardless of age, he's always had a knack for finding pockets of space down there. I watched a lot of Jace Sternberger at A&M and I think he'll score a lot of touchdowns in this league because he's such a tough matchup. But I'd be surprised if the Cowboys take a tight end at 58.

I've noticed no one is talking much about the depth of the Cowboys' linebacker core. Is there anyone the Cowboys might be looking at, or are they content with their current roster? - JASON FERNANDEZ / SAN ANTONIO, TX

Bryan: At linebacker they're likely to add a player through the draft. Cole Holcomb and Dre Greenlaw were two players they visited this spring. Need to remember they had some guys in for Dallas Day as well. Could grab a guy out of there as well. 

Rob: I wouldn't be surprised if the Cowboys draft a linebacker on Day 3 who can play special teams. They've done that often. But there's a reason they didn't feel pressed to address depth in free agency, even after Damien Wilson left for Kansas City. Sean Lee is back, Joe Thomas is a solid reserve (he just missed several games with a foot injury last year) and they drafted Chris Covington last year to eventually compete at the SAM spot.

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