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Mailbag: Fixing The Short Yardage Offense? Improving The Depth At RB?

It is well know the Cowboys have been so poor on third and one. It seems to me we have become so predictable, always an inside hand-off into the middle of the line. Would we have a better success rate it we tried to pitch out or run a counter occasionally?

Bryan: You look at all avenues to trying to be better on any down and distance situation. If you look at the break down that I did on Wednesday, there was a 3rd-and-1 play where they had a chance at the conversion, but the execution of the block wasn't where it needed to be. To me this is a bigger issue than trying to run a pitch out or some other play taking the ball away from the line of scrimmage.  

David:Simply put, this is a pretty one-dimensional offense. I think the defense knows what's coming on third-and-short, because running is what the Cowboys are good at. Maybe they'd be well-served to mix up their play calling more, but having watched this team try to throw the ball, I'm not so sure that's true.


I know it may be too early to look at next season, but Lamar Miller looks like a good back who is extremely underused in Miami. Would it make sense for the Cowboys look at him as a longer-term solution next year since he'll be a free agent?

Bryan: They are always looking to add talent, but again: at what price do you add Miller? You now have an idea what they think of running backs and what their compensation should be. My initial thoughts are that the running backs in this draft might not be as deep last season, but there is still plenty of work to be done. I felt like they missed a great opportunity last year but something needs to be done.

David:I'm leery of signing a running back in free agency, for the very same reason I was leery about re-signing DeMarco Murray to a big-time contract. Veteran running backs can be expensive, and they can drop off swiftly. The Cowboys are positioned to pick near the top of the draft – not just in the first round, but all of them. Go draft a young talent to bolster the depth behind Darren McFadden and Robert Turbin.

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