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Mailbag: Fixing Trouble Over The Middle?


When Dak Prescott seems to get in trouble with turnovers, it's often high passes over the middle. What's the fix? Do you game plan more throws outside the numbers or concentrate on Prescott's decision making and location of throws over the middle? – Patrick Perry/Goldsboro, ME

Nick: The fix? Other than the obvious "stop throwing it over the middle?" Clearly, it's not a smart plan to abandon that part of the field, but if it's not working, it clearly has to be addressed. I think it's a little deeper than just saying Dak and CeeDee have issues with the deep middle. It's also the timing of the game. Seems to me all of these interceptions are occurring just before halftime, which is usually when Dak is running the two-minute offense, which he has more freedom to call and change plays. So it's a miscommunication between both Dak, CeeDee and Kellen Moore. Can't say I know exactly who's at fault but it's happening too many times for them not to figure it out.

Mickey: That will create huge problems if the Cowboys restrict Dak from throwing the ball over the middle. Defenses will recognize that and start playing the receivers to the outside. Throwing the ball over the middle is how you open up the offense and cause problems for defenses. A few of those picks over the middle were just Dak trying to be too aggressive. A few others were trust throws the receivers sold him out on. Look, this has never been a problem before, so let's not overreact and start restricting what he does, and usually so well.

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