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Mailbag: Flip the Rookie Contract Scenario?


Let's flip the quarterback rookie contract scenario to the other side of the ball and consider the Cowboys' most important defensive player, Micah Parsons. While he's on his rookie contract, does it make sense to channel some extra resources, whether high draft picks or free agent acquisitions, to the defensive side of the ball now to surround him with more talent? Thereby building an even more dominant championship caliber defense to increase his impact before Dallas has to sign him to a bigger contract. Or does that only work for rookie quarterbacks? – Joey Arnel Sayson/Santa Monica, CA

Nick: Interesting logic but I'm not sure the Cowboys really think that way. And the one sentence that throws me off is when you said "increase his impact before" re-signing him. The Cowboys already know they're going to have to pay him as one of the highest-paid players in the NFL, maybe even the highest defensive player when that time comes. I don't know what increasing his impact would do. The point is, whether it's a QB or other star player, you need to take advantage of the fact you're got superstar players making way less than market value. The Eagles have done a great job of that. And to some extent, the Cowboys have as well. But we all know Diggs, Lamb and Micah are going to warrant huge deals sooner than later. To offset that, the Cowboys have to continue to draft well in the later rounds, that's how you get really cheap contributors.

Mickey: Not totally sure what you are getting at, but second contracts are always more expensive, no matter the position, but just usually not as high as the top guys in the QB market. And no matter what they do, Parsons will get a second contract for sure. The Cowboys needs on the defense are pretty obvious with the number of unrestricted free agents. Cornerback. Safety. Defensive tackle. Linebacker. You name it, they need it. But obviously the better players they have surrounding Parsons will make him even more effective. Don't think that has anything to do with a second contract, and remember they have three more years of contract control by picking up the fifth year option next year for 2025.

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