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Mailbag: Fostering Competition At Fullback?


Of all the positions on the team, it seems like Jamize Olawale never finds himself competing with anyone for his job. Can you offer some explanation of why that's the case? - WOODY BANKS / GRAPEVINE, TX

Bryan: The front office did bring in a fullback on Wednesday named Ryan Yurachek to help in camp, so we'll see what kind of player he is then.

David: The timing of your email couldn't have been more perfect, as the team added a fullback literally 30 minutes after you sent it on Wednesday. To answer your overall question, though, I just think fullback is a bit of a dying art. When you find a good one, you tend to hold on to him, and the Cowboys value Olawale's versatility – even if we didn't see much of it last year. Hopefully we see more of his skillset with Kellen Moore calling the shots.


If Cooper Rush and Mike White are as close as they can be to being equal in all aspects, who would you choose to be the backup? Secondly, if the two back ups are that equal to one another do you think the team would pursue a more experienced veteran free agent? - BRYAN SCOTT / RED LION, PA

Bryan: I believe Mike White is the better player, but he's sure not playing like that. I was expecting more from him and that just hasn't been the case, but Cooper Rush hasn't been much better. If both fail to impress in this camp no question you're going to see them go get the right guy whether through trade/claim/sign.

David: If White and Rush are equal, I'd probably learn toward White, just because he has more years on his rookie contract. Rush is a restricted free agent after this season, so it'd be slightly more expensive to hold on to him. If they both struggle throughout the preseason, I'd absolutely look to the waiver wire for some competition.

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