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Mailbag: Getting ahead with Parsons deal?


The Cowboys have been repeatedly criticized for waiting too long to re-sign their star players, leading to spending even more in the long run. So since they're already behind in working out deals for Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb, is there any thought to trying to get ahead with Micah Parsons? He's in line to become the top-paid defensive player in the NFL, and the price tag is only going to go up next season, perhaps significantly. So if signing Prescott or Lamb is an issue, why not go ahead and get ahead of the game with Parsons? – Mark Miller/Austin, TX

Nick Harris: As Stephen Jones says, the Cowboys are always talking with players' agents to get deals done. But realistically with a Parsons deal, it still makes sense to wait until next offseason to get that done. The front office will need to know how the other two contracts shake out to understand what they can put into a Parsons deal. And also, Parsons needs to show that he can finish off a season as hot as he starts seasons from a pass rush perspective.

Mickey: Well, first you have to ask yourself how much is Micah's rep asking for? That's the part of these discussions we aren't privy to, so it's hard to say if the Cowboys are trying to low-ball him. You also have to remember while Parsons is only costing the Cowboys this year his fourth-year cap hit of $5.4 million, but a long-term deal with a huge guaranteed signing bonus prorated over five years would probably up his cap charge for this season and for sure beyond. As it stands, the Cowboys could have control over his services for three more seasons, this year, his fifth-year option already pick up for next year ($21.3 million) and even another year if needing to franchise him in 2026. Wonder what the value would be to Micah if he took less money sooner instead of betting on himself? Did you ever consider that?

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