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Mailbag: Getting Amari More Involved?


How can they get Amari Cooper quickly involved in the offense? Seems like when they get him quickly involved, they do better as a team. The times they've lost, he hardly got to play or few catches. - STEPHEN GRAYSON / GREENVILLE, MS

Nick: Normally I would agree with that but if you go back to the last game that's not what happened. They actually did get Cooper involved early in the game and several times throughout the day. He was making catches but the offense still stalled in the red zone. I thought they did a nice job of going to Cooper even though he was guarded by Tre White, one of the best corners in the league. But I will agree with you that Cooper is one of the NFL's best and if they want to have success, he must be involved early and often. 

Rob: There's no way the Cowboys ever go into a game with the intention not to get Cooper involved early and often. He's too critical to what they do. Cooper was asked this week about his home/road stats (less production away from AT&T Stadium). His targets are higher at home than road, but it's worth noting he missed all but one series against the Jets and his snaps were managed against the Lions. Cooper says he doesn't worry about a specific number of targets because he knows Dak Prescott has plenty of other capable options. He's not greedy. But there's no question they need him involved.

Why is Joe Looney not playing guard? This man did an exceptional job at center last season. Are the Cowboys not wanting to put in their backup center because of possible injury to Travis Frederick? - RICHEY JOHNSTON / ROWLETT, TX

Nick: The simple answer is that they like Xavier Su'a-Filo better at guard than Looney. But when you come back and ask why that is … I can't say I have a great answer for you there. I do like Xavier and still think he gives the Cowboys a chance to run the ball better than anyone else. He's strong and I think he'll have a really good game this week. As for Looney, I think the Cowboys just prefer him as the backup to three interior spots. 

Rob: Head coach Jason Garrett was asked that earlier this week and he said they believe Looney's ideal spot is center. Xavier Su'a-Filo has played a lot of guard for them over the last two seasons and for the most part the results have been good. He gets the first opportunity with Connor Williams (knee) sidelined. But you're right, Looney does have some guard experience, too and did an excellent job filling in for Frederick last year.

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