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Mailbag: Has Claiborne Already Hit The Rookie Wall?

Does it appear like Morris Claiborne has hit the rookie wall or have the last two games just been an anomaly?

Nick: You can't stop Riley Cooper, you can only hope to contain him. Seriously, I think we should chalk it up as "one of those days." If it happens again to Cleveland's Greg Little or Josh Gordon, or Webster Slaughter – whoever is playing for them, then maybe there's something more to it. Claiborne has been getting better and better each week – that's why it was so surprising that he kept having bad play after bad play occur the other day.

Bryan: To be honest, thought this was going to happen sooner than later. Claiborne is really going to have to work hard to get his technique back on track. This league has no break when it comes to covering receivers and if you struggle with technique, you're going to have problems. I am sure that Jerome Henderson and Joe Baker will be grinding on him all this week to be better because he knows he cannot continue to cost his team that way.

I saw Romo throw deep on a third-and-1 where Beasley was open over the middle for the first down. Is Tony's decision making getting worse because of the running game being so bad? Does he feel like he needs to do it all?

Nick: I'm really not trying to be funny here – but there's a really good chance Romo never saw him. I mean, we're talking about two guys that aren't considered tall by NFL standards and Beasley is short. So yeah we all saw him get open from high above, but there's a chance with the pass rush in Romo's face that he didn't see him. But I would also suggest that you watch the entire game. Romo was a little short of outstanding in that last game. He protected the ball and still found ways to take his shots.  

Bryan: I saw the same play you did and I thought that he would have hit Beasley on the route to get the first and keep the drive going. I am never surprised when Romo takes a shot down the field with an aggressive decision but that is why Garrett has faith in him because of the throw he made later in the game to Bryant. I have learned to take the great with the not so great but to blame it on running game I don't think is accurate.

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